ARGHHH ME DUNGIES {Turia Dungarees V2.0}

I know. Two pairs in 24 hours. Am I crazy? Maybe. Yesterday’s version was my (wearable) muslin, today I cut into the good stuff. Oh how desperate I’ve been to cut into this delicious Robert Kaufman corduroy from Look at those little skullies. There was also a navy version with little red lobsters. Toughest decision of my life.

webdsc_7432Just a couple of really small changes to this version:

  • I brought in the waist a touch and made the skirt slightly more A line in shape. More suited to my body shape, I think.
  • Exposed metal zip sewn onto the outside. I had no idea what I was doing, but it works. Oh and only one zip this time, instead of the two suggested by the pattern.
  • I rearranged the steps a bit and sewed bias binding to finish the edges of the upper back and the front seam where the bodice attaches to the skirt. Still looks flat felled from the outside, but you can see the binding on the inside. Only changed that because I had so much trouble with that seam on my first pair. Binding extends to the zip and opposite side seam, nicely finishing that raw edge problem too.
  • I changed the envelope pocket on the front bodice to a really simple patch version. I had originally cut and sewn on the envelope version but paid no attention to where those skulls were and it just looked rubbish. I think the simpler version suits this fabric better.



Inside out, binding plus check out the reverse side of that flat felled seam!webdsc_7435

Please note I was too lazy to change my over locker thread. I’m that guy.



Behold! Fit is better with those adjustments, right? I feel like it is. I love it. Stark contrast to how I felt about my last version.



I truly have no idea how to thread these. Will consult my old mate Google before wearing them out in public like this.




5 thoughts on “ARGHHH ME DUNGIES {Turia Dungarees V2.0}

    1. Thank you! I think bringing them in at the waist a bit really helped with the shape. I will definitely try the pants version (have already ordered some black denim for them) but I don’t really do shorts, so probably won’t make that version.


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