Introducing Jan {and yet another Emery Dress}


You guys, meet Jan. Original name for a Janome, I’m sure. But I thought it suited the slightly older addition to the sewing machine team. Plus, I can yell ‘Not happy, Jan!’ when she annoys me. And if you were born after 1995 or aren’t Australian, let me treat you with this old gem:

Ha. Yellow pages. Jan would totally be off the hook these days.

The saying made it into Urban Dictionary along with just about every Australian household ever.

Moving on. I’d been after a vintage machine for a while, something a bit heavier duty that will be able to deal with heavier stuff my Bernina hates – purses, bags, coats etc. I haven’t pushed her to the limit yet, but I have made two whole dresses on her so far and she hasn’t skipped a beat. I spotted her in a local op shop reduced in price and then reduced again, the very same day I found out I’d be without my Bernina for four weeks as there was a bit of a line up at the spa (service centre). I think some lovely little old lady has really looked after Jan very bloody well because she sews beautifully.


Since I’ve finished up my KMAD sewing for the year, it’s time to sew for meeeeee! And also Christmas presents for other people. But also for meeeee!

Before I started sewing for myself, my wardrobe consisted of mostly black. I still lean towards the dark side, but prints are so much more fun now. So when I spotted this Birch fabric online, I knew I had to have it. Gorgeous print, but in the lovely dark hues so lacking in my wardrobe these days.


Fabric: Birch Organic

Pattern: Christine Haynes Emery Dress

I’ve made this dress at least ten times before, but this is the first time I’ve made the collared version. I also added piping using the Janome’s weird zipper foot. Adding it to the waistband was a pain with the gathers and as it turns out, I didn’t think carefully enough about my seam allowance and the piping and now the bodice is slightly too long. I might unpick it, but that means taking the zip out too and can I be bothered? I don’t know. I’ll wear it for a day first and decide how much it annoys me.

I also didn’t line this version because I didn’t have quite enough of the green spotty cotton. Look how beautifully it matches those little Lochness Monsters though!


So I just used some satin bias binding I had laying around to finish off the neckline. Kind of fiddly around the curves, but turned out ok.


Oh this print though! Look at it. Sea creatures and nautical stuff makes me so happy. Often these sorts of prints are a bit too kiddy, but not this one! Grown up as heck. Well, as grown up as sea monsters can be.









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