Baby Got (Button) Back {Christine Haynes Emery Dress Hack}


Perhaps the most wonderful  part of the Emery Dress is how versatile it is. Yes, it’s a simple pattern – but aren’t they the best? You can make it with long sleeves or short, with collar or without, change the collar shape if you want, close it with an invisible zipper, a fancy zipper or in this case – buttons up the back. Awww yeah, baby. I’ve wanted a dress with buttons up the back foreverrrr but for some reason have only just got around to it. I actually only decided on this hack when I was halfway through assembling this dress. Oops. Maybe I just like a challenge? Especially since I only bought 2m of this fabric because I had intended to make a skirt, not a dress.

More info? Ok.

Pattern: Christine Haynes Emery Dress.

Fabric: Japanese cotton/linen blend from The Remnant Warehouse.

Button facings and pockets fabric: vintage sheet scraps.

Buttons: Op shop score.


Things I changed:

Little bias facing at the neckline instead of lining. Why? Just to see how it looked. Makes the dress a bit lighter too – important for our summers.


Back buttons. Ok so because they were a bit of an after thought and I really didn’t have a whole lot of fabric to work with, the button plackets themselves aren’t the greatest. Because I’d already assembled the skirt and bodice, I just added the interfaced strips to each part separately, rather than in one single long piece which I’m pretty sure is what I really should have done. So there’s a waist seam that runs between the buttons. No biggy to me though because I wear a belt with my dresses most of the time anyway.


See how those waist seam buttons are a bit too close together? Yeah. That’s because this dress ended up too long in the waist. Again. I must fix this on my pattern although I’m not sure what’s happened to my body. Am I shrinking? Maybe. Must eat more vegetables. I don’t have a lot of height to begin with. Anyway, I didn’t realise until I tried it on in the end, so I sewed the bodice to the skirt again – bringing the waist up and the buttons closer together. Again though, not a fatal error because belts.

You’ll notice the hem is super narrow too. Due to the not enough fabric thing, I had to cut the skirt pieces shorter. The length worked out perfect for me though.

I intentionally made this one a tiny bit bigger at the back because I didn’t want those buttons to gape and pull. So the fit is a bit boxier, but that’s a bonus because I can put it on and take it off without undoing the buttons. No having to contort myself to do it up.


Really should have given the dress a good press before photos. This fabric was lovely to sew though, really nice. So nice in fact that my next project will be out of more linen/cotton (it’s super soft) – another pair of Carolyn PJs because I’m wearing my current pair to death. They are that great.

I probably need another button at the bottom of the skirt, but I did the mirror check and don’t seem to be flashing anything, so not sure whether I will or not.


This dress will be my Christmas outfit for this year. Not as overtly Christmas as I usually go, but eh – it’s green. And there’s Frenchies. Merry Christmas!


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