Knickers With a Twist: The Intro

Well hi – I sort of left it a bit late for the intro, didn’t I? Never mind, at least this way you won’t have to wait very long for the first official Knickers With A Twist blog, which I’ll post later today.


Knickers – I’ve made them for me, I’ve made them for the kids and I’ve even made them for the husband. They all call them jocks though. Regardless, I’ve made them and they’re wearable. Three of my favourite patterns are:

Jalie 3242 – Underwear for men, women and children.
(High waisted women’s underwear on me in the image above, with bands instead of elastic – along with the Soma Bikini Top, made as a bralette).

Ohhh Lulu’s Cindy (which has the bodysuit option and I’ve used to make swimmers as well as bras) and the good old vintage style Ava.

This time, I’ve decided to streeeeetch myself as much as the elastic on my knickers (ha) and draft my own pattern from Beverly Johnson’s Craftsy Class. I know. I’ll post more about that next time.

Here’s what’s going to happen, which I shamelessly plagiarised from Jess:

SundayThe  Basic 

This is about following the pattern as written, getting the fit right, and nailing the basic techniques.

Monday – The Special Occasion 

There’s something nice in making yourself a little treat for a special occasion, and knickers are perfect – fast, fabulous, and (usually ) restricted to a very appreciative audience, unless #wardrobemalfunction.

Tuesday – The Upcycle 

Recycled undies are about as popular as second hand toilet paper. Instead, we’ll be making a NEW pair out of repurposed fabric.

Wednesday – Reworked in Woven 

OK,  we’re upping the ante. Making undies out of a non-stretch fabric doesn’t sound easy or comfortable, but dead set, where there’s a will, I’ll make a flippin’ way!

Thursday – The Big Finale: the interpretation 

You’re not the boss of me! This challenge is all about taking a pattern and making it your own. We’ll hack to the max and show what’s possible with a bit of imagination.

Be back later for the first post – The Basic!

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