Knickers With A Twist: The Upcycle

Oh the upcycle.

When Jess first asked me to take part in the challenge, I was all in. Cool on each of the themes – except this one. I was madly wracking my brain for something to upcycle. Something big enough to cover my entire butt region.

In desperation, I started to dig through my kids’ cupboards when I found this baby. Oh yeah, cotton spandex blend t shirt that no longer fits – come to mama.


I grabbed my pattern pieces and folded, flipped and tried all sorts of pattern tetris, but it just wasn’t going to happen. One size 6 t shirt wasn’t going to be enough fabric for a pair of knickers to fit me.


So never fear, a bit of pattern hacking to the rescue! In Beverly’s Craftsy class (that I keep banging on about), she not only shows y0u how to draft a knickers pattern from your own measurements, she also shows you a pile of cool hacks. One of them being forward side seams. Which was pretty much perfect to use the print on the t-shirt. So off I went on my merry way, not really considering the seam allowance for those leg bands (sorry Bison).

Still, I think the end result was pretty cool.

What stuff did I use?

No elastic this time – cotton lycra bands from that same black fabric I keep using for gussets (although not this time).

To do those I pretty much just measured my thigh circumference and took away 2 inches. Same for the waist band. EASY. SOFT. NO DIGGING IN OF ANY KIND. This is actually my favourite way to finish the legs and waist. Sure, elastic probably looks more ladylike, but this is comfy as heck.


I also used some blue spotty cotton lycra I bought from a long time ago. And an old kid’s t shirt too, but we’ve talked about that.

I used my overlocker for all the sewing on this pair, but again – not necessary. Zig zag on a regular machine will do.

And that’s that. A headdress wearing bison with no sense of smell. The colours are cool though.

(Those leg bands are even, promise).


Oh and don’t forget the giveaway from lovely Orinoco Designs!

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