Knickers With A Twist: Reworked in Woven

First things first – awesome fabric giveaway here:

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Pop over to see what clever Jess and clever Brooke have come up with too.

Challenge number four – this one ended up being my favourite! Even though I had to use my brain parts a little bit because here’s the thing – knickers are generally made with a negative ease. Meaning, they are smaller than our bodies because they have to stretch a bit to fit. Items made of wovens (like a dress made from quilting cotton) have ease so we can move our bodies once they are on. The amount of ease you like is a purely personal thing and some items need more than others. So using a woven for knickers, means you either have to make them bigger than your body or do as I did, and just use a small panel of woven and the rest in stretch. I hope that makes sense.


In this case, I hacked my pattern once again, as you can see below. Hot tip: Beverly tells you in the Craftsy class not to cut into your original, but to trace it off every time you want to make changes. Do as the smart lady says. I did not and ended up having to rewatch the entire class and redraft my pattern. Idiot.


Back and side front from stretch lace, centre front panel and gusset outer from satin (cut on the bias for a least a wee bit of mechanical give) and gusset lining from black jersey. Navy would have been better, but alas, none to be found.


I bought the stretch lace and satin from about a year ago when I first started bra making. Then when I actually received it, I realised the lace has too much stretch for a bra and would need to be lined, which seemed a bit scary back then so I never actually got around to making it. When I saw it in my stash though, I knew it would be perfect for this challenge.

Cool pom pom elastic is from The Remnant Warehouse.

All done and another super comfortable pair. I ended up turning the seam allowance of that front panel back towards the centre and stitching it down so it couldn’t be seen through the lace and to provide extra strength. I was a bit worried about them being a bit smaller because of the woven panel, but they are perfect. Sewing that lace felt a bit like how I’d imagine sewing spider webs feels, but all up it was pretty painless.


So inspired by these cool knicks, I finally sewed the bra to match, using the Pin Up Girl Classic pattern, with all the bits and bobs from Booby Traps. Cups and bridge are lined with nude tricot, band is lined with nude power mesh.


webdsc_3537webdsc_3539And because they look so rubbish when I photograph them flat, all curling over themselves – I got brave and took photos of them on.

So scroll down if you dare.

Are you sure about this?

Really sure?

Last chance!

I take no responsibility now….


How good is that fit though? Pretty pleased with myself. This is why I sew.

Hope your eyes haven’t melted.

13 thoughts on “Knickers With A Twist: Reworked in Woven

  1. With your bra, did you cut the satin on the bias (as you did for the undies). I have bought the pattern and subscribe to the bra class and got my bits and bobs as well. Now to get the material!


  2. You look beautiful and are so brave to do this! I so want to try making undies and bras. I have both classes but no bra pattern yet. Thank you for a terrific series.


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