Collar Love {Tilly and The Buttons Rosa Dress}


Current obsession: proper pointy collars complete with collar stand. Peter Pans have their place, don’t get me wrong – but look at that edgy delicious collar.


So you’ll see from my images that our lawn is pretty much dead – Australia in February, baby. Also Australia in February – relentless heat coupled with cloying humidity. Result? Dress that I literally just ironed before these photos looking like it has be balled in a corner of a dark room for a month. Sorry. Probably shouldn’t have used quilting cotton, but I do like to bend those rules. Look at that Charley Harper print.

Pattern – Tilly and the Buttons Rosa

Fabric – Birch Organic from

Buttons were an op shop find.

Shoes are Saltwater Sandals and sunnies are Quay, just in case you’re interested. Pretty much my uniform right now.


Ah Rosa. She’s pretty cool, right? I like Tilly’s patterns – they are well drafted and seem to fit me quite well. Plus her instructions are really clear and she has lots of images to look at and provide direction too. And I like how she doesn’t have standard numbered sizing. I’m a 7? Cool. That holds no negative value to me.

I sort of fall into a couple of sizes in this one, so I cut a 7 and graded down to a 6 at the waist. As it turns out, I could do with a tiny bit extra at the bust, so I’ll add that next time. There’s no gaping, just a slight pulling when I move my shoulders back. I cut an 8 for the sleeves because I have big arms, but ended up taking them in anyway. The only trouble I had with the whole thing was my button placement mark was off, so I’ll have to check that on my pattern pieces to see what I did there.


Look at that cool back yoke. I’ve always had trouble with those sorts of curves and while it’s not perfect, this is definitely the best one I’ve ever done. Tilly’s instructions for that are great. This version has cool mock flat felled seams, which feels never ending at teh time but the result is so worth it.


Sorry I don’t have any construction pics, I did most of this at night and they would have been horrendous. There’s nothing too tricky about it though.

I’m a bit self conscious about the length of this one (hello weird knees), so will probably end up wearing it mostly with tights and boots in winter. I’ve already ordered some chambray for another version, as well as some delicious double gauze that might end up being a shirt with piping.

All in all, an excellent pattern with rad details.


4 thoughts on “Collar Love {Tilly and The Buttons Rosa Dress}

  1. I also got very into the idea of making a Rosa dress when the pattern came out, but then time is a thing and life apparently happens. I will live vicariously through yours because I love it. And the glasses. And the buns. EVERYTHING.


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