Concrete Love {Sewing Room Makeover}


I am lucky enough to have a spare room as a dedicated sewing space in our house. It gets lots of natural light, is close to the front door (so I can see people coming and watch the kids play in the yard) and has built in wardrobes with lots of storage. One thing that has always bugged me though are those terracotta tiles. Just a cosmetic thing, but they throw an ugly orange cast on all my images and we always had plans to get rid of them.

This week, that finally happened. We decided on polished concrete, which meant ripping up the existing tiles (and carpet in our lounge), then getting the professionals in to grind down the slab to expose some of the stones and then polish it until it is shiny.

This was the before:


And the after:


Because the slab is 17 years old, it does have cracks and there is a faint grid visible on the concrete underneath from the tiles. The cracks got filled in though and to be honest, I quite like the faults. It’s definitely not a floor for the perfectionist though.



Most of my dressmaking fabric fits onto the big shelves and my lingerie fabric on the smaller shelves. All my patterns are in the lockers. Looking forward to getting in and starting to sew because I haven’t been able to do much in there for quite a while. If I can stop staring at my new floor for long enough….

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