Secret Pajamas {Jalie 2805. Kinda}

webDSC_8589This will probably be my shortest blog post ever. Basically I channeled my inner 5 year old and made a dress out of unbrushed fleece (I would call it french terry, but whatever. Sweatshirt fabric but without the fleece, just the little loops). If you were a child during the 80s, you had one of these for sure. Probably with a little flippy skirt and a cute animal on the front. My skirt is less flippy and the bison are probably less cute than the koala I had on mine, but I digress.


We are off to visit my husband’s relatives soon, which means a big drive. I wanted something really comfy to wear in the car and it also had to be warm as it will be dark and cold when we arrive. Pajamas. I pretty much wanted socially acceptable pajamas. I used Jalie 2805 which is a womens and girls t shirt pattern, cropped it at waist height and added two gathered skirt panels. Pockets too, of course. So easy. I paid special attention to the layout so I didn’t end up with bison boobs, the print is the perfect size and spacing to fall into that trap. The sleeves on the pattern didn’t have the cuffs, so I shortened them a touch and added them. It mostly went according to plan but I didn’t really consider the fabric’s lack of stretch (seriously, it was like sewing a woven – so easy), it barely has any. So the sleeves are a wee bit tight, but nothing that will ruin my day. Fabric is unbrushed fleece from Spotlight. I used my overlocker for most of it and it took me an hour from cutting to hemming. A super easy sew. Bring on the drive and maybe a nap.


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