Where’s Wally? {Butterick 6453}


So, first things first:

Pattern: Butterick 6453

I’m not sure whether or not this is available in Australia yet, as of a couple of weeks ago it wasn’t in Spotlight – I bought it from the US. We always seem to be way behind other countries with our pattern range, damn Southern Hemisphere.

Fabric: Cotton/linen blend from Spotlight. It doesn’t seem to be available anymore, but in fairness I bought it around a year ago.

Apologies in advance if I make you cross eyed with all the foliage. The sun is blaring in every corner of the yard, so indoor photos it was. I thought matching the wallpaper would be cool, but in hindsight it’s just a bit weird.


Yes that is the worst quality printing on a pattern envelope ever.

Oh B6453. I loved you at first sight. Strange for me because I don’t really go without sleeves. Ever. But I loved the shape so much and I can always wear a cardi, right? RIGHT.


So sizing. I feel like it runs really large. My measurements put me exactly into the 18. Good start. But previous experience told me to check the actual finished measurements (they’re on the pattern pieces if you’re stuck). This pattern has 2.5cms of ease. Ok, so size down to the 16 and cut that sucker out, because I really think this style looks better more fitted. After I’d sewn most of it up, I wrapped it haphazardly around myself and it felt too big. Off with another 1.5cms at each side seam. In the end, it’s still a bit big for me at the waist (hence the belt) and it gapes a bit under the arms and at the back. Not so much that it’s unwearable, but next time I’ll cut the next size down.



Being the rebel that I am, I didn’t really look at the instructions. If you’re new to sewing, I’d definitely recommend it (and there’s also sewalongs for this pattern – I feel like most sewing bloggers have made at least one), but really, it goes together in pretty much the way you’d expect. I used an invisible zipper rather than the lapped version and also my skirt isn’t as full because I didn’t have a huge amount of fabric. I just cut the pieces the width of the fabric (150cm), I think I was short around 5cms, so not a lot. Also I’m wearing a petticoat in the photos for extra floof.


Because I’m a bra sewing junkie, I have plenty of rings and sliders hanging around. I used these heart shaped babies because I thought they’d look cool, but my plan backfired. I didn’t realise I’d need to adjust the straps so much, so instead of being the right way up on the back, they’re upside down on the front. I’ll shorten them next time. Actually, the most difficult part of the whole dress is turning those narrow straps. I have one of those gizmos for turning, but it was still a pain.


I generally line my dress bodices instead of using facing because I usually find them to be annoying, they flip up and move and get in the way. Not this one though! I really like the finish. It’s underlined and tacked down at the side seams and seems to stay in place really well.


Oh look, it’s my favourite angle!

The back is almost too low for me, it’s just about at bra strap height. I might have to bring it up slightly for my next one. And there will be a next one.


7 thoughts on “Where’s Wally? {Butterick 6453}

  1. Awesome fabric, great pics! We are usually so behind with the pattern releases but this one was put out early on the advertising stands of Gertie stuff when she toured down under recently, they sold out quickly in Brisbane but I picked up one for a friend at a gold coast spotty. How did you get hold of your copy? I used to use sewingpatterns.com from the US but the postage was taking a really long time and then I had an order that didn’t turn up at all. I tried to order some new Butterick patterns from simplicity UK, but they tried to fill my order from Aus (even though I paid in pounds, with international shipping from the UK website!) and then refunded me after 2 months. I complained and they sent them for free but did not give me a satisfactory method for ordering new patterns in the future…….


    1. That’s terrible! I ordered from the McCalls/Butterick website in the US and I must admit, they were great. I accidentally clicked the wrong size on two of the patterns, so emailed and they fixed it right away and shipped very promptly. Shipping was $25, but the patterns were $2.50 so it was worth it.

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