Very Vintage {Australian Home Journal Nightdress}


I’m not sure if this is the oldest pattern I own, but it’s up there. Same vintage as my Dad actually (sorry Dad). I grabbed it because I thought that centre pattern would look pretty cool as a maxi dress from rayon and it’s close to my bust measurement (well now it is my exact bust measurement).

I have been putting off making it and I’ll show you why.


Yeahhhhh. These old patterns assume a lot of sewing knowledge and while I’m not exactly a newbie, the instructions and the pattern pieces intimidated me a bit (and yes, that Scotch tape ad is advising you to tape a feather to your baby’s finger).


The pattern pieces are pretty basic, you have to draw a few of them up yourself – not a huge deal. I grabbed some swan print rayon from Spotlight and decided to jump in. Turns out I should have kept that collar piece on the front bodice rather than drafting it separately (I think), so it means I have a seam line down the front. I also didn’t hand sew anything, because no.


I did wonder during the cutting process how one was supposed to get in to such a dress without a zip or anything, but just assumed that being a nightdress meant that it was a bit oversized. Turns out that was correct, even though it looks delightfully fitted in the illustration. The ties at the waist means you cinch it in at the back a bit – although how you’re meant to sleep in this much fabric I don’t know.


I stitched the lowest part of the neckline together to prevent flashing and also added the little buttons because I felt like it needed something a bit extra. Shortened the sleeves because we so rarely need the extra length here and I thought it would look like I was drowning in swans.


All done. I think this could be sized down a touch and a zipper added, but it is quite comfortable a bit bigger.


Pockets were added. Of course. How else is the modern woman supposed to get through the day?


Bonus advertising content because it’s amusing.



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