Round Two {Sew House Seven Tea House Dress}


You might remember my first version of the Tea House Top wasn’t all that successful due to my fabric choice. I vowed that I would make it again and here we are! I’m actually auditioning patterns for a wedding we have later this year in Samoa. An island wedding means the dress code isn’t very formal and because I’m also shooting said wedding, I need to be able to move around easily without worrying about what I’m wearing.


On its own this dress actually looks quite casual, but I think with the right fabric, jewellery, shoes and hair it would be suitable. I still have another couple of patterns to try though. I’ve still got a few months to decide but I’m trying to be more organised for the first time in my life.


So, fabric is Telio Crepe De Chine from and the pattern is Sew House Seven’s Tea House Dress. I put in a sizeable order last weekend and bought 4 yard lots of a few different fabrics specifically to see what would work best for this style of dress. Yes I bought some of the awesome Cotton and Steel tulip print rayon. I might even save that for the wedding version. Not sure yet.


If you read about my last version, you’ll recall I chose a really rubbish fabric and the front yoke facing nearly ended me. Truth is, the crepe de chine I chose this time wasn’t that much better for pressing and behaving, but I was more prepared. I decided to avoid the whole press and stitch down thing and just finished the raw edges with bias tape before stitching down. It’s still rough looking but not as bad as last time. Definitely less swearing involved.


I think the only other change I made was not tacking those sleeve cuffs up. I like the longer length. My V neck was more successful this time around too.


I love that there’s no centre back seam and the box pleat looks really neat. I cut the pockets on the bias so those little bees are flying in a different direction and don’t get lost in the rest of the dress.


I’m so glad I made this one again. I love it like I wanted to love it the first time around.


24 thoughts on “Round Two {Sew House Seven Tea House Dress}

  1. I love this! Very keen to try that dress. Just curious, do you find buying from saves any money (which I would think not because of shipping) or is it just because they have oodles of choice? Every time I go browsing its a drool fest!


    1. I used to save heaps from! Back when our dollar was better and before Amazon bought it out. But still, I have a habit of splitting the total into the amount of yards purchased and then converting to AUD. If it’s under $20/yard I’m happy. This batch came to $13.20 per yard (I bought 24 yards). That includes shipping. So generally still cheaper than buying at Spotlight etc and the variety is amaaaazing.


  2. Very pretty, and the bee fabric looks just right! Hopefully you’ll find the right dress and fabric combination with all the experimenting you’re doing! I did the same earlier this year and ended up with a decent seletion of choices, not what usually happens to me!


  3. Hi, Katie. On the yoke facing you could serge finish the edges before attaching the yoke. If there are seam allowances, just trim them off while serging, if there are no seam allowances just serge right on the edge. This would be more simple than bias binding and you could still do the top stitching if you want. Just wanted to toss that idea your way. Cheers.


  4. Is the yoke interfaced? If so, why not try a clean finish like this I do that all the time with interfaced facings because I like a nice finish, but it’s much quicker, and cleaner, than binding. Not suitable for bulky fabrics, but for light-mid weight I pink the seam as narrow as possible before turning and pressing and it doesn’t show through at all. I love your dress. I’ve wanted to try this pattern but it uses so much fabric!


  5. Oh man I love this! I keep eyeing this pattern and haven’t quite decided if it will work for me (same issues as you mentioned in your last post about being a bit too art teachery for my usual style) but I think you might have finally sold me on it! And I love those bees. I love me a novelty-themed print that doesn’t look too juvenile (lbr, I love them even when they’re juvenile, I’m just less likely to wear them).


  6. hey! we have almost identical measurements (found you via csc and am super stoked i did) and i’m curious if you did any alterations on this pattern. since it’s loose fitting w/a tie waist, i’m thinking about just cutting a size 14 and not bothering with an fba.


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