B-A-N-A-N-A-S {McCalls 7627}

I’ve said it before, I love me a wrap. Skirt, dress, top – whatever. I like how they look, I like the adjustment factor. I just like them, ok? That said, this pattern isn’t one that I would have generally jumped on. Those sleeves, man. They aren’t for me. Please don’t be offended, I’ve seen a couple of bloggers have embraced them, but I’d definitely look like a failed Pirates of the Caribbean extra. No.

webDSC_5422Yes I’m that person who makes notes on patterns. Judge me.

So then how did this frilly Laura Ashley number make its way into my stash? Well, Spotlight were having one of their 3 for $15 deals on McCalls and I needed it to make up the numbers. I actually really wanted M7358, but of course it wasn’t in the drawers. And McCalls won’t ship it here either, I checked on the website. Weird. Actually they won’t ship either here, but here I am with M7627 anyway. GIVE ME THE OTHER ONE, MCCALLS.


I feel like it seems that I hate-sewed this top now. I didn’t. It really did grow on me the more I looked at the pattern. I figured I’d go for version A as it was the least frilly and I’d leave off the sleeve flounces so there was even less frill. It all seemed too much with the peplum as well. I do love that peplum though. A tiny circle skirt for your waist.


What I didn’t really notice until I started tracing and cutting were all the other floofy details, like the pleats at the shoulder and bottom of the bodice front. Plus the shoulder seam doesn’t actually sit at the shoulder, it sits off the shoulder (check the pattern illustration, it’s clearer there). And those sleeves are super boxy when I thought they’d be more fitted, which sleeves tend to be on my chunky arms.


The pattern suggests cotton, gingham, poplin and other cotton blends for this top, so I was excited to use my rad banana lawn from Cotton and Steel. So soft, so dreamy. But even though I freaking love this fabric, I think the top needs more drape – so something like rayon or crepe de chine would be better. Personal preference. It would make the sleeves sit better anyway.


I finished the peplum hem with bias tape because it’s about a million times easier than trying to hem those circular shapes the usual way. I also folded those ties in half length ways and sewed them, rather than hemming the edges. They would have been super wide on me otherwise.


I’m going to redraw that sleeve so the seam sits on my actual shoulder, eliminate those pleats and use nice simple cap sleeves instead. Then I’ll be happy. Fit wise, it’s pretty decent, but too long on the upper front bodice pieces (where it wraps). This is always a problem for me though, I must have a short upper body. On this one, I took it up at the shoulders but next time I’ll take a dart out of my pattern pieces. This has worked well for wrap dresses I’ve made before.

Not a bad pattern by any means and I will definitely wear it. It’s ideal for our summer. Plus, bananas.



7 thoughts on “B-A-N-A-N-A-S {McCalls 7627}

  1. I made this one a couple of weeks ago in cute black and white gingham but it was slightly too big and really gapey at the front and back. I love it though, crazy floofy sleeves and all, so I’m pretty sure I’ll remake it a size down. But now I’m really loving your bananas (yep, Gwen Stefani stuck in head for the night too…) so might look for a crazy print…


  2. This is really cute. I want to try a peplum i think it might cover my spare tyre. The bananas are cool, love the idea of one in black & white gingham, might steal that.

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  3. Last 3 for $15 sale at Spotlight I couldn’t get the one pattern I wanted either. I ordered them from Spotlight online and strangely they came from my local store BUT they weren’t in the draws!!! Anyway I figured even with postage they were still pretty cheap. Don’t know if it helps for next time…


  4. Man I love those bananas! And I love the top on you, floof and all. AND I love the pattern notes – I just got a bunch of my gma’s patterns and also some from the op shop with notes on them and I cherish them. Little insights into someone else’s sewing life.

    My local spotlight lady was telling me they only get one or two of each pattern because they sell them on commission, and they go pretty fast in those sales. Plus we get everything with a six month delay, for seasons, so by the time it’s in the drawers I’ve often picked something else. I don’t sew fast enough to sew new summer clothes in spring!! Anyway yes, I like buying them on their online store except for how it’s like some kind of kafkaesque nightmare and it can’t even return a coherent search from a pattern number. Still often better than going in to the actual store…


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