Making Swimmers Out Of Underwear {Ohhh Lulu Romy Bra}


More swimmers, I know. This could totally be lingerie though, almost. I even used lingerie patterns for both. Just take out that lining and add a gusset and you’re got yourself a fancy pants bra and knickers set.


Did you notice the trim? Eeeeeeee. It’s the kind of thing I associate with expensive lingerie. I love how it looks. It’s called ladder or fagoted trim. This particular version is stretch and intended for swimwear. Both the fabric and the trim came from Pitt Trading. Bra cups from Booby Traps and lining from The Remnant Warehouse.


I know what you’re thinking. What human on the planet could possibly need as many pairs of swimmers as you? I get it. I do. Some of my new ones are for sensible lap swimming at the local pool. Some are for our upcoming holiday. This set is definitely a holiday set, although I could totally do laps in these comfortably without anything escaping.


My problem is, I see lovely fabric and then I have to have it. I often don’t have a project in mind, but I know that it will get used eventually. When I saw this spandex at Pitt Trading, I thought it would make the perfect Romy bra, with the stripes running in different directions to make it all interesting and stuff. Then of course, the trim came up and I knew it would be a match made in heaven. The final straw was that I already had black thread in my overlocker that I’m about to change to cream. So I ran these babies up before having undertake that chore.


I wasn’t completely sure how the trim should be sewn in and I think I did in wrong on the upper cups, but thought it would look better with the seams enclosed. On the bottoms, I sewed it directly over the top of the fabric and I think that looks better.

Once again I added foam cups, which isn’t part of the original Romy instructions but I keep muddling my way through it. It just makes such a difference to the fit for me. I mean, it’s fine without, but next level supportive with the cups.


Just for a quick comparison, this one is lined with power mesh:


And this has the cups:


It feels far more secure and there’s much less bounce. Good for beach swimming. For my latest version, I lengthened all the pieces so it’s more long line style. It also provided a bit of extra space for the cups. Once again I eliminated the back closure by cutting the back band piece on the fold. It does mean you have to pull it over your head but I find it much more comfortable to wear.


The cups don’t look perfect from the inside – the can be a bit tricky to get  perfectly smooth. They are pretty good from the outside though. I’ve come to let it go that my lingerie and swimmers won’t look as finished as RTW from the inside, but they look totally fine when they are on and that’s ok with me.


Is it holiday time yet?


10 thoughts on “Making Swimmers Out Of Underwear {Ohhh Lulu Romy Bra}

  1. Oh My Word!!! These are amazing!!! I have a proposition for you… I am in Canada… I have 2-3M of the green Outback Wife I read you coveted… I would trade you that for 1M of this fabric and some of that trim??? Let me know what you think. No pressure at all. But I bought the green and turns out it is not so flattering on me as I hoped and I would like it to have a home where it will be loved.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Waaaaahhhhh! I would love that so much. Opportunity of the century, except I only bought a metre of both and they sold out. Are you definitely after the stretch trim? Because I’ll keep my eyes peeled to see if they get more. I doubt I’ll be able to get more of the fabric though, it’s usually designer remnants.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I had a look at their site and they had something sort of similar called Folklore, then there was a blue floral I liked… forget the name of it right now. And they had a black and white gingham that was equally delicious too. It looked like they still had some insertion trim but I’m not totally married to having any of that. Trying to think of some way to send you some money to order them for me. Email me and we can figure something out! So excited!


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