Like A Tiger {Colette Hawthorn Dress}


I still have some holiday sewing to blog, but that will happen later when I’ve processed the eleventy billion images I have of our trip. For now, here’s a quick post about the Hawthorn I sewed up yesterday.


I won’t go into a heap of detail because it’s an older pattern that has been made many, many times by sewing bloggers all over the world.


It all started in the usual way for me – see cool fabric (in this case, voile from Spotlight), buy 2m with no idea what I’m going to make with it, remember pattern in stash I haven’t used for a while, tetris it all together because I should have bought more fabric and sew that baby up.


The voile is perfect for our summer. Light as a feather and 100% cotton. It’s probably on the verge of needing a lining but that sort of defeats the light as a feather thing. I’d forgotten how much I love this pattern. What happened Colette? You used to be so cool. Please go back to your roots.


Often with shirt dresses I will cheat a bit and add a zip to the side seam. Why? So I can stitch the button placket shut and avoid potential button malfunctions. This way I’m not forever looking down to check that  I’m all buttoned up throughout the day, especially when I’m moving around heaps while working. I also find that even if I add a hook and eye to the button at the waist seam, I still get a bit of pulling at that point. And yes, this is on dresses that fit well. Maybe it’s my body type. I don’t stitch the whole way down though – I generally start at the button at the bust and sew down to mid thigh. That way there’s still that nice movement at the bottom of the dress. Purely personal preference.


I used cute little coconut buttons I picked up from an op shop (a whole bag of them, there’d be 100s of them in there). I think they match really well. And hot tip for the facings on this one – stitch them down in the ditch at the shoulder seams. I don’t know what it is about this pattern, but they always want to flip up on me, no matter how much understitching I do.


Here’s a romantically out of focus shot of how well the bust fits on this pattern with no FBA. I’m not sure what sort of magic that is, but I like it.


Hello new summer staple!


9 thoughts on “Like A Tiger {Colette Hawthorn Dress}

  1. Love this! Isn’t it funny how we buy so much random fabric because we just have to have it and it would look perfect as a circle skirt or dress haha. I bought this ugly dog fabric (so ugly it verges on cute though) and I have no idea what to make with it but I just ‘had to have it’ (and I bought 3 metres wtf).

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  2. Love this. Random question, have you ever been sunburnt through volie or lawn? I want to make my son some cool shirts for kindy so i thought of lawn but i’m worried he’ll get sunburnt through them…

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