Miaow {Megan Nielsen Flint Shorts + Gertie Sweetheart Top}


More tigers! It’s a thing for me right now. These Flint shorts were my first make from my brand new Janome 3018W. She’s quite dreamy, but I was weirdly paralysed for over 24 hours when she first arrived. Strange right? You’d think I’d be all over her. But I couldn’t find the brain space to learn a new machine and I think I was still mourning the loss of the old one.


But I snapped out of that ridiculousness, of course. It took me a couple of minutes to glance through the instructions, figure out how to thread the new girl and then move on from there. But what would I make? Conveniently, a large box of fabric had just arrived. All of it was lovely, but the tigers are just so cool. And I already had black thread in my overlocker. So what pattern? I’ve made a few dresses lately and thought the tiger linen was really keen to be made into shorts.

webDSC_0322Yes, shorts. Even though I don’t wear them often. In fact, it’s only been over the last 12 months that I’ve started wearing them again. I reckon shorts didn’t touch my body for around 8 years at least. But no more. I’ve come to realise cellulite and chunky thighs are normal and shorts are perfect for our climate.


What are these beauties, then? They are Megan Nielsen’s Flints! Hoorah! I have made both the pants and shorts before and I love the cool way they close via the pocket.


This time though, I adjusted the pattern to eliminate the tucks and make them flat fronted. Megan has a tutorial for that here. I think the print looks better without the tucks. And if I’m going to make the same pattern again, I do like to change it up a bit.


A girl obviously needs a black top to go with her tiger shorts, right? But a cooooool top. Something she hasn’t made before. Cue the Sweetheart Top from Gertie’s Vintage Casual book.


Yes please. I used some lovely rib knit I bought from The Remnant Warehouse recently. It’s Bec and Bridge, beautiful quality and super soft. With heaps of stretch. Which meant I probably should have sized the pattern down, but I went as per my measurements. It was a bit big so I did take it in at the side seams afterwards. I also took off around two inches from the hem as I will wear this tucked into my high waisted skirts and shorts.


Like so.

I used the less textured side of the rib. I’m not even sure which is the right side and which is the wrong side. Softer side is facing out, anyway.


Ok so I was a bit paranoid that printed shorts would look like PJs, so I turned the hem up to create cuffs and stitched them in place at the side seam and inseam.


Linen shorts. Like a grown up. I’m so fashun.



9 thoughts on “Miaow {Megan Nielsen Flint Shorts + Gertie Sweetheart Top}

  1. Love this outfit. I’m in the same boat with shorts. I live in north qld, how the fudge dont i own all shorts. I’ve been making myself a heap and its great.


  2. Lol yeah i’ve been using all the same pattern, copied off a pair of woven pjs. adding cuffs to some, using different prints etc. I want to try the flint shorts but havent got around to it.

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  3. oh, love the shirt. i have the book, but hadn’t seriously considered making it up, but perhaps i’ll consider it after seeing yours!


  4. Love the flat front mod! And great machine! I sew on a similar Janome and she’s a real workhorse. Ive been loving the Lander shorts lately. Going to try the Spring Shorts by Pattern Runway too (free from the Peppermint Mag sewing school). Happy sewing!

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  5. I’m loving your shorts here. I have made these in a cotton sateen from spotlight but with the pleats and hated them…
    Maybe the flat front is the way to go for me.
    I’m a size 14-16 Australian and cut out an 18 based on my waist measurement but regretted it as soon as I tried them. What size did you use?
    I went to the true bias Emerson for an alternative and fit a 16 perfectly, but I love the back lines and closure enough to maybe try again with the flat front hack? What do you suggest?


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