Bra Restock {Orange Lingerie Marlborough Bra}


There is really very little reason to blog these bras. I’ve made them and talked about them many, many times before. The Marlborough pattern is my favourite. It fit me almost straight out of the envelope (or off the PDF) and gives me the most lift and projection than any other bra I’ve ever worn. Including RTW.


I automatically sift through my drawer for the Marlboroughs before anything else. It feels kind of like cheating to make the same pattern over and over, but hey – I love them, so why not?


Actually the nude coloured one was sewn out of necessity. I have so many black and bright prints, but was seriously lacking anything to wear under semi sheer clothes. I found the peachy coloured lace in Spotlight and the matte spandex was from The Remnant Warehouse.


The other two were sewn because I like sewing in threes.


Matching knickers, because of course. All my supplies are from all over the place, so if you want to know something specific, just ask. As always, pretty much all of it comes from The Remnant Warehouse, Pitt Trading and Booby Traps.

webDSC_2740 You know what though? I still learn little tips and tricks every time I sew. This time I learned that you can put two wires in one casing. I know. Why? I bought some wires on sale and when they arrived, they were a bit flimsy for me. But I bought a pile of them because they were such a bargain. So two in each cup for extra support.

webDSC_2776 Look at those enclosed seams. They fill me with a ridiculous amount of satisfaction. All of my bras are lined with sheer cup lining. It’s light, but strong.


I can’t decide which one is my new favourite child. That peacock lace or the printed silk gifted to me by a friend. The nude one is nanna-functional, but the other two are a bit more special.


Welcome to the lingerie drawer, new friends….


10 thoughts on “Bra Restock {Orange Lingerie Marlborough Bra}

  1. I have yet to fall into the bottomless abyss that is bramaking, but I have patterns and things in my stash that make it possible for me to venture in that direction, should I choose to do so. And I love being able to see other ladies making repeat versions of their TNT bra patterns – very inspirational and it gives me a sense for which patterns have better success rates. All three of your new Marlborough sets are lovely!

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  2. Thank you! I do hope you take it up, it’s very rewarding. There’s definitely various patterns that work for various shapes. Some of the more popular ones don’t work for me at all! We’re all so unique in shape and size.


  3. I’ve been wondering about the straps on bras. I realise they’re adjustable in rtw because everyone will wear the straps at different lengths (an aside: slippery straps really annoy me. The slider thing always slides and makes the straps loose). When making your own, especially with a familiar pattern, could you make the strap your perfect length without the slider?


    1. You absolutely can! I know a few women who do the same. I haven’t found that perfect length for me so always add the sliders, plus I get paranoid about them stretching a bit and not being able to adjust. I think once you know that perfect length, then fabric straps would work very well.


  4. Nice selection – I like them all, but that peacock lace is a great find! Question – what pattern do you use for your undies? They look great too.


  5. Woow, that peacock lace is droolworthy! I still haven’t tried the marlborough because it seems to be so shallow and I always have an issue with too little bottom cup volume in my other patterns but darn these look amazing on you. Good job!


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