She’s Got Pegs {Patterns For Pirates Peg Legs}


My love for this pattern is well documented. I have many pairs now, handy because I wear them to walk the dog every morning. They’re so wearable that often I won’t get changed afterward.


The pattern is free. FREE. Here is the original and here is the add on pack with the side panel, pockets, contour waistband and everything that makes them the best leggings ever.


For these ones I used Spoonflower’s sport lycra. I prefer the nylon/spandex blends over the cotton lycra blends. I feel like they have better compression and recovery, but that’s a very personal thing. I also have a plain black pair in double brushed poly, they are definitely lighter weight and more for wearing under dresses.


webDSC_5313This waistband completes me. It’s the contour band cut to the low rise line on the peg pieces. If you cut to the high rise line, they may end up in your armpits, unless you’re tall. Which I am not. I’ve also taken to stitching down my seam allowances at the crotch, butt and inner seams, just for extra strength.



I get a few weird drag lines at the backs of my knees where there’s a bit of excess fabric. I’ve tried a couple of things to fix it, but it’s honestly not a huge deal for me. I have a feeling it’s because I have big thighs, big calves but maybe regular sized knees. The same thing happens with rtw and jeans. I think it’s more apparent in these ones because they are a much lighter colour than what I’d usually wear. That’s the funny thing about sewing for yourself, ‘OMG dark colours only on the bottom half’ becomes ‘OMG has that fabric for teeth all over it?!’ and here we are.



Here’s another pair I made recently too, this time with swim spandex from Pitt Trading, plus some mesh I’ve had for ages from The Remnant Warehouse. Then there’s a couple more plain grey pairs that I’ve never even bothered to photograph. I do love these leggings.


6 thoughts on “She’s Got Pegs {Patterns For Pirates Peg Legs}

  1. Very cool! I am going to have a go at these, i realised i have 2 cool fabrics in my stash that i can try and another nice but not really me fabric that i can use for my first go. I’m excited 🙂 thankyou for the inspiration!

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  2. Hi – I just made my first pair and I seem to have the same knee fabric thingy happening – I’m sure it’s cause all the walking the dog or yoga or whatever we do in our active wear leads to well developed thighs and calves! (Lying on the couch in my activewear) cheers -C


  3. Do you think a shorter version would work under a dress to prevent chafing? I struggle with it quite a bit and never seem to find a good RTW solutions but I am just now realising that maybe I just need to make shorts the exact length I might need to wear more dresses without full tights… (who knows why it took me this long to thing about this!)


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