Not Sewing {Spoonflower Wallpaper}


Booking in the concreter to update our floors sparked a bit of a cascade of intervention and I decided that we needed a feature wall of wallpaper in our loungeroom. Oh yes we did. I’d been eyeing off the Spoonflower wallpaper for a really long time and this was the perfect excuse to order. But what to chose? Oh GOD. Decision making is not something I usually agonise over, but this would be in the middle of our house. Will it make the room look smaller? Will it date really quickly? Will it be a nightmare to put up? Turns out I don’t care. Inspired by Pinterest, I was gravitating towards botanical prints, something leafy. I had planned on banana leaves, but didn’t find the perfect print. In the end, I decided on this monstera print by Charlotte Winter because I loved the watercolour vibe and also how vibrant it is (no muted tones in this house!).

Here’s a bit of my Pinterest Inspo:




When the wallpaper arrived, I was bloody thrilled to be honest. The colour was really saturated and exactly as the website images showed. But alas, I had to tuck it away for a couple of months until our floor was done (the last thing I wanted was for it to get covered in concrete dust or damaged during the process).


So yesterday was the day! Putting up wallpaper is definitely a two person job, so I made sure I enlisted the help of my husband to do the hard yards, while I stood back and checked that the whole shebang was straight. Hot tip: Most walls aren’t completely square. We lined it up with the side of the wall and it went above the ceiling at some points, but that’s cool because you just cut that off later. We used the smooth, water activated paper and here’s another hot tip: really wet that sucker down. It worked much better than ‘lightly dampened with with sponge’. Once the top was where we wanted it, we taped it in place with masking tape and rolled the rest down the wall, matching the pattern as closely as humanly possible (in some points it’s slightly off, but I really don’t think you can tell). Then using the wet sponge, we smoothed out all the air bubbles.


I’m pretty damn pleased with how it turned out. My only niggling concern is that it gets so hot and humid here that the glue will give up on me (especially since the paper is removable). Anyway, time will tell. In other news, dress sewing for everyone else started again this week! Can’t wait to update the shop with all the new beauties, which will probably happen next weekend, all going well.

Concrete Love {Sewing Room Makeover}


I am lucky enough to have a spare room as a dedicated sewing space in our house. It gets lots of natural light, is close to the front door (so I can see people coming and watch the kids play in the yard) and has built in wardrobes with lots of storage. One thing that has always bugged me though are those terracotta tiles. Just a cosmetic thing, but they throw an ugly orange cast on all my images and we always had plans to get rid of them.

This week, that finally happened. We decided on polished concrete, which meant ripping up the existing tiles (and carpet in our lounge), then getting the professionals in to grind down the slab to expose some of the stones and then polish it until it is shiny.

This was the before:


And the after:


Because the slab is 17 years old, it does have cracks and there is a faint grid visible on the concrete underneath from the tiles. The cracks got filled in though and to be honest, I quite like the faults. It’s definitely not a floor for the perfectionist though.



Most of my dressmaking fabric fits onto the big shelves and my lingerie fabric on the smaller shelves. All my patterns are in the lockers. Looking forward to getting in and starting to sew because I haven’t been able to do much in there for quite a while. If I can stop staring at my new floor for long enough….