Sewaholic Pacific Leggings with pocket. And Harry Potter.

I’ve made these beauties before and I love them. They go together relatively easily and honestly, an over locker isn’t entirely necessary – but it definitely makes for a quick sew. I know you’re going to ask me, so the fabric can be found at Spoonflower, the design is by the amazing Hello Quirky. I ordered the Sports Lycra because I wanted the fabric for swimmers and it’s chlorine resistant. I’m using the absolute last of the scraps in the band of the leggings. You’ll notice (or hopefully not) that the top band at the back above the zip is in two pieces. It’s not supposed to be. I just really scraped together the last of the fabric. It seemed a crime to chuck out even the smallest scraps.

Every time I sew with knits, I get a shock at how fast I can get something made. The hardest part about these leggings is the gusset. Gross word, gross looking piece of fabric. This tutorial is excellent though. The best thing? The pocket, obviously. On Sundays, it is traditional for all of us to walk down on the local river and I need a place for my phone and coffee money. No one wants to have to carry that shiz around.


Ewww, gusset. But what a gusset. I sewed this part with the normal machine first and then over locked the raw edges. Because that is a seam that could do with a bit of extra reinforcement, in my opinion. webDSC_1531


My last pair were made from a spandex blend, but the fabric ended up being a bit weird and scratchy, so I don’t really wear them very often. This time, I’ve used what I am 90% sure is supplex. I bought it from that same rad garage sale where I got lots of more unusual sewing bits and pieces. They feel exactly like my favourite RTW pair, the fabric is soft, but still supportive and doesn’t go transparent when stretched. It’s great stuff and used mostly for sporty garments. Hot tip though, sewing with anything like this means it’s really hard to tell your right side from your wrong side. Mark those suckers so you don’t end up with two back pieces facing the same way. That would really ruin your day.


The zippered pocket is actually really easy and goes together pretty simply. You use iron on tape stuff to stop the fabric from stretching out when attaching the zip. It also acts a bit like interfacing and provides some strength too, I guess.


It’s all downhill from there, really. Attach your snazzy band to the band lining, attach some skinny elastic to the top of the band and then attach the band to the leggings. Hem those suckers with a zig zag and you’re done. I like to over lock the raw edges before I hem and then just fold them up once so there’s less bulk.


Not much fun to look at flat, but they there are.webDSC_1537


A bit ‘got any blacker?’ but that’s just my style for leggings, I leave my prints for dresses and skirts. Secret Harry Potter band is enough for me.