Easy Like Sunday

So hey, hi – sorry it’s been a bit quiet around here, but I am smack in the business end of wedding season and I am a bit swamped. I’ve had this idea buzzing around in my head for a while now though and because the design is so simple, I was able to smash out the pattern relatively quickly. Meet the Sunday Dress:


She’s slouchy, she’s boxy and she’s floppy. Some may accuse her of being unflattering, but to them I present my middle finger, because she is one the most comfortable things ever. Perfect for those of us who work from home but don’t want to meet the postie in our PJs. Created with our coastal lifestyle in mind – something to chuck on over swimmers (have you ever tried to zip up a sandy dress?) and wear through a searing February in Australia.

Look at those cuffed kimono sleeves, eh? Created from soft and drapey fabrics like rayon and chambray.


Neckline finished with binding and of course she has pockets.


Oh yes, summer staple for me. An excellent alternative to my many fabulous tea dresses. The Sunday Dress will be debuted at Founders Co on the 19th of November and will appear in my online store some time after that (along with Christmas themed dresses and skirts and a couple of other surprises).

{Monstera leaf by my excellent bud, Zilvi.}webdsc_5243