Slowing Down In Style {Closet Case Patterns Carolyn Pjs}


Up until a couple of years ago, I always thought that sewing pjs was such a waste of fabric (and time!). If you sew, you’ll know that people often assume that sewing your own clothes is cheaper than buying it, but in our current age of fast fashion – it’s really not. I mean, some things are, sort of. It’s cheaper for me to sew a bra than by a $60 one, but it’s not cheaper than buying a $20 one (I hope that makes sense).


There are all the obvious benefits too, of course – a custom fit, rad fabric and the ability to add pockets to just about anything. But there’s a big divide between store bought pjs and the cost of making your own. The ones above require between 4 and 5 metres of fabric, depending on the width and if you consider a rough price of $15/m, that’s $60-$75 for pjs. A big leap from the inexpensive ones you can buy in shops. That’s without the 5-6 hours or so it takes to actually make the suckers!


So what changed my mind? The average human spends about a third of their life asleep. I am a keen pj wearer, often having a shower and getting into them by about 5pm most afternoons – earlier in winter. I spend a lot of time in pajamas and so it makes sense that I would wear beautifully handmade ones. Plus, it really brings down the cost per wear situation.


It’s currently school holidays and my second favourite part is the slowness of our mornings (my absolute favourite part is no homework). Sometimes we will hang out in our pjs until midday. It is such a nice change to the rush to get out the door on school mornings. What better time to shout myself a couple of new pairs? Less of a shock for the poor postie when he delivers my parcels too.


I found the fabric for my first pair on the Spotlight clearance table. As an added bonus, they also had 40% off all fabric, so this mid weight stretch satin was quite the bargain. Being 150cms wide meant I didn’t need to buy as much either. Check out that print placement though – almost like a border print, but the print runs through the centre of the fabric instead.


I used my beloved Closet Case Carolyn pattern, which is another expense when you think about it, but I have used it many times now – not only for me but for sewing gifts for other people too. It’s such a beautiful pattern and definitely worth it. I decided to skip the piping and let the print do the talking this time, but I did cover some buttons in some scrap satin in another print.


I got a bit creative with the print placement and made the shirt a bit business in the front…


And party in the back. I love these so much. The fabric is soft and slinky, and the little bit of stretch makes them very comfortable. I was on a roll, so immediately cut out another pair from this koala flannelette I’d bought a while back. Makes sense to have a fancy pair and a cosy pair, right?


Unfortunately though, I’d skimped out and only bought 4m so had to dig through my scrap stash for cuffs and pockets. Damn you, past Katie!


The whole mis-matched thing has grown on me though, so I’ll definitely be wearing these cosy babies once the weather decides it’s winter again. For now though, the slinky satin pair are perfect for our warmer nights.


Tony Tiger approves. Kenny Koala remains indifferent.



To Me, From Me {Closet Case Files Carolyn PJs}


Today is Valentine’s Day. It’s not really a thing in Australia – well, not a thing like it is in the US. Keeping in mind my ideas of Valentine’s Day are pretty much all based on The Simpsons.

Regardless, my husband and I don’t even acknowledge it. However, there is one love vibe I can get on board with and that’s a little bit of self care. And what is more self caring than bloody comfy yet glam PJs? Well, a lot of things, but PJs are up there!


And since we (I), spend a lot of time in our (my) PJs, it was time for a fresh pair. I’ve used my favourite PJ pattern in the world – the Carolyn PJs by Closet Case Files. I love how classic they are. Yeah, they are a bit of work with the cuffs and the piping and the pockets, but so worth it. They feel fancy. They feel expensive. They feel like I want to wear them 24/7 and pretend I’m Claire Foy in The Crown. Except instead of corgis I have a Frenchie and instead of staff I have kids. And no one to dress me except me.

A Queen that is in desperate need of a hair cut. OMG. In a few weeks that is all going. Too much sun, too much salt water, too much chlorine and a bit of neglect.


But look how faaaaaaaancy they are. They are my fanciest pair. I have three pairs – two shorts/short sleeve pairs in cotton for summer and one pair in flannelette for winter. The summer pairs get the most wear because we don’t have much of a winter. February is actually our hottest month of the year so these babies won’t be getting worn for a while yet. See that sheen on my face? That’s not a triumphant pj-making glow, that’s sweat because it’s currently 34 degrees (that’s 93.2F for my American friends).


Fancy with creepy buttons. I love these buttons. My husband picked them up for me from an Op shop recently. Who needs flowers when you can have creepy hand buttons. I used the gold piping just to match my gross but delightful buttons.


The fabric looks cool right? But it’s actually the devil. I’ve sewn with satin before and survived, but this is satin with spandex. WHAT WAS I THINKING? I know what I was thinking. It feels amazing and that little bit of stretch will make for added comfort when I’m lounging around on a Sunday morning (or, more likely, when it’s 3pm and I’ve picked the boys up from school and don’t have to be seen in public anymore). You can purchase the satan (ahem, satin) here if you’re keen for a bit of crying. I honestly unpicked those cuffs and collars more times than I care to admit. That slippery, stretchy devil did not want to cooperate – despite stay stitching and interfacing. So no, they aren’t perfect, especially that collar. But they’re good enough for me.


Stop looking at my wonky collar.


Now if summer would hurry up and leave, that would be great. I have swanning to do.