Blatant Plagiarism {Sew House Seven Tea House Dress}


It’s another Sew House Seven Tea House Dress! The one that I had planned all along, but first I made a top version and a dress version in less fancy fabric. And even though I didn’t love that first one, I wear the second one at least once a week. I know this new version is going to be on high rotation too.


Oh does it look familiar? Perhaps you’ve seen it on SH7’s Instagram? Yeah. It was that exact dress that made me buy the pattern. This is a shameless and blatant copy of the lovely Sarah Watts’ dress. Sorry Sarah. Can you blame me though? LOOK AT IT.


If you’ve never felt Cotton and Steel’s rayon before, let me try to describe it to you. It’s soft like kitten ears, drapes like an angel’s…outfit but still has a decent amount of body so you don’t cry when you get around to the sewing part. It’s the greatest. You should totally get some. Mine is from here.


You know what I love about this pattern? It is so bloody beautifully drafted. It’s amazing. There’s quite a lot of pieces, which can be overwhelming, but the instructions are so delightfully clear and helpful that it all goes together like a dream. Everything lines up and fits together like a lovely puzzle. The second greatest thing is that there are no buttons or zip – it goes over your head and then you cinch it in at the waist with the ties.


If you’ve read my previous posts about making this dress, you’ll know that the front yoke facing is the most tricky part. This time I went slowly, pressed the hell out of everything and decided to hand sew the facing in instead. The result is a much nicer finish and far less swearing than trying to do it on the machine. My hand sewing would make Frankenstein weep, but I still prefer it anyway.


Cute little box pleat and waist ties from the back.


This dress is going to be my summer uniform. There will be more. Oh yes. There will be more.