Pockets for Days {Vintage Simplicity 7189}

Another vintage Simplicity! WHAT? I know. But hold onto your hats ladies and gents, because you are about to get eleventy billion more vintage makes. Why? Because the kindest lady that I’ve never met got in contact with me recently to ask if I’d like her grandmother’s pattern stash. OMG WOULD I?! She brought four (4) boxes of patterns over for me on Tuesday and I was immersed into some kind of sewing nirvana for a good couple of hours while I went through them all. Amazing. Some kind of good karma thing happening there. Anyway, there’s a lot of vintage Simplicty (and all the usual others, plus some Australian mail order 1950s ish gems too). It’s just too good. I want to sew them all. But I had to start somewhere and this is it.


Look at those 70s babes with their floofy hair and swagger. How could I resist? (Disclaimer: not my pattern envelope, I stole it from the internet. My pattern was sans envelope but pattern was uncut. My copy is a size 14 (waist 28 inches – lol).


More info? Ok. Pattern is vintage Simplicity 7189, which you can read about here. Fabric is rad old Robert Kaufman. It’s splendid.


It’s wrap skirt! Hooray! I love a wrap skirt. And check out those pockets. Are they not the best you’ve ever seen? Actually I have a bit of regret about the pockets. They sort of make me cross eyed because the print is so nuts (even for me). I probably should have done the body in black and maybe just used the print for the top, but never mind.



I must gloat about my first ever successful intentional pattern match. I was worried about breaking up the print on the centre front seam because they are in such obvious lines and I knew it would bother me if they didn’t line up. But look! I did it! I’m still not really sure how, but I’ll take it.


Fit stuff: wraps in general are pretty forgiving, size wise. As I mentioned above, this pattern is for a 28″ waist. Mine fluctuates between 31″ and 33″ right now. I graded the pattern up just slightly by adding 1.5cms to the side seams and waistband and it works. There’s still plenty of coverage where the panels overlap in the back. I can pull it tighter or looser depending on how much I have for lunch. Win win, really.


The skirt is full, but not a circle. Maybe a half circle? Definitely not as fabric hungry as the McCalls wrap circle skirt (good option if you’re keen on this style).


What else? Oh if you’re wondering about the wrap mechanics, you just leave a small gap in the waistband on one side so you can pull the tie through. It’s a pretty quick sew because there’s no buttons or zip to worry about.

I see more of these in my future!





11 thoughts on “Pockets for Days {Vintage Simplicity 7189}

  1. It looks gorgeous!! I think the way you’ve styled it is great, it stops that amazing fabric being too overwhelming šŸ™‚ on that note, where are your amazing clogs from??

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  2. Some vintage patterns are quite valuable. I don’t know this lady’s situation but may I suggest you run all the pattern numbers through eBay and Google first? If you see they are listed for a lot of money you could either give them back or sell them for her. You just never know….she might really need the money. It is mainly 1940/1950 wiggle dresses, gowns, strapless that sell but some 196p/1970 are rising. Just a suggestion. Oh, some patterns can sell in the thousands…..seriously.


    1. Thanks Charlotte! There are literally hundreds so I’m really not keen to research them all. The lady who gave them to me sews (and kept some) and I do believe tried to sell them first with no interest.


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