How To Sew Swimmers {Lots of video tutorials}



I did it you guys. I made a stack (seven, to be exact) little video tutorials on how to sew swimmers. I’m pretty tired. Please excuse the way I bumbled through it. Hot damn, I learned a lot of new stuff. I do hope this helps if you’ve been looking for a few hints on sewing your own swimwear.


11 thoughts on “How To Sew Swimmers {Lots of video tutorials}

  1. Thank you! Some of your tips definitely will help lift my swimmers game. I had a hard time visualising the elastic straps, so your video really helped. Thanks!

    Any chance you would post your top pattern pieces? I reckon I am the same size and I already own the Rowan….no worries if not….just trying to avoid doing it myself.

    PS. A friend of yours in Melbourne put me onto your page. I LOVE all your makes. Thanks for such regular posts.

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      1. Thanks Katie. I could work with a photo, even more so if you can annotate flat measurement on underbust seam….? Otherwise, I could just eyeball and scale until side seams match….I assume (pattern drafting is still new).
        The thing I like about MN patterns is not having to lower bust darts by a stupid amount and that everything lines up so nicely.
        Thanks again for the video. I plan to brave cup insertion this weekend. Fingers crossed.


  2. Your videos are ace! I love watching the way you do things. I think we all have our quirks when sewing, but the main thing is that we get things done. Great swimmers!


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